44: European Trophy greetings

Hey HPK Fans,

The past week I had the privilege to go to the European Trophy tournement and represent Red Bull Salzburg. It was a great experience for me as we won all 3 games and captured the championship, it is something I will never forget.

Salzburg is a unique city, very old and has a beautifull view of the mountains. It is somewhere I would recommend you visiting if you ever have time.

It was a busy week but it was great to play with some old teammates of mine, Tyler Reddenbach and Ramzi Abid. It was great to catch up with them and enjoy their company.

It is good to be back in Hämeenlinna to see my wife and my 2 dogs Oscar and Roxie. We are looking forward to enjoying our Christmas here in Hameenlinna and eating some of the traditional Finnish food.

Look forward to seeing you at the rink after the break!!

Hyvää Joulua,  Scott

Pelaajablogi 20.12.2011

20.12.2011 10:50

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