12: It’s great to be living in a hockey country

My first season in Finland has been a lot of fun. The SM-liiga is the best league I have ever played in and been a good challenge so far. Our team has struggled a little bit at the beginning, but we have won some games lately and started to play better on a consistent basis.

Finland is a lot like Canada. The people are very friendly and have helped my wife and I whenever we needed it. It is also great to be living in a “hockey country.” I was in Germany the last three years and most people there only cared about soccer.

It is also great that so many people in Finland speak English so well. That has made everything very easy while living here. I have tried to learn a little Finnish, but it seems to be a very difficult language. So far, I just answer “Hyvä!” whenever anyone asks me a question in Finnish. haha.

I have really enjoyed my time in Hameenlinna and hope that I can help the team win a lot of games. Thanks to the fans that support us no matter what.

Leavitt_Alex_DSC_8344   Alex

02.11.2011 00:00

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